Home Prep Guide



  • Replace all burned out light bulbs
  • No cars in driveway or in front of property
  • Hide garbage and recycling bins
  • Clean driveway, sidewalks and patio
  • Clean pool
  • Mow the lawn a few days prior
  • Open umbrella
  • Hide any yard tools/hoses

Interior - General

  • Keep lights on
  • Remove all exposed items (cables, newspapers, toys, personal photos etc)
  • Dust & Vacuum
  • Open blind shades and curtains
  • Turn off all ceiling fans
  • Turn off all computer screens
  • Hide pet food and water dishes
  • Hide extra shoes inside the closet
  • Hide all remotes, magazines, coasters
  • Fluff all pillows and straighten blankets

Kitchen / Dining

  • Put dirty dishes away
  • Move/hide trash cans
  • Make sure all appliances are clean
  • Leave minimal amount of appliances out
  • Remove booster seats or high chairs

bathroom / Bedroom

  • Remove all floor mats in the bathroom(s)
  • Remove all personal care products from the bathroom(s) and nightstand(s)
  • Please make sure all beds have been made
  • Showers should be fully cleaned and cleared out
  • Hide trash cans in a closet